On this page you will find relevant information abut the time and place of all the liturgical services in the Abbey. You can read more about the significance of prayer in the daily life of the monk in Pray and Work.

All prayer services of the community are open to visitors. You are warmly welcome! If you find the main door closed, you can ring the bell. This will put you in contact with the doorman. Please note also our service broadcasting at Kerkdienst gemist

In the Abbey Church, also known as the upper church, the daily High Mass is celebrated as well as the various hours of the Liturgical Office. All services are celebrated in Latin with plainsong. For High Mass and Vespers you will find booklets with a Dutch translation. In the Crypt Low Mass is offered in Dutch on a daily basis, at the main altar on Sundays and at one of the side altars on the other days.

Under Times of Services you will find the current start times of all the services that you can attend. On special occasions there may sometimes be a change in the timetable. On the page Actueel (only available in Dutch), any planned changes of time will be published.