It is possible for men to stay at the Abbey as guests for a few days. The idea is not that the guest visits as a tourist, but very much because he wants to take part and experience the monks' silence and daily rhythm, to let go of the quirks and vagaries of everyday life. In this way room can be found for reflection on one's own life and faith, on prayer and on one's personal calling.

Guest accommodation consists of eight simple single rooms each with a wash basin. Toilets and showers are communal. Linen is provided. You should bring with you what you need for your personal hygiene. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate requests for specific diets such as vegan or saltless. And we cannot even always honour requests for vegetarian food.

Prayer times and meal times determine the fixed points of the day. You can spend the rest of the time as you feel appropriate. The guest master can always give you advice. There is a small library in the circular communal guest room, with all kinds of religious reading material. You can read, pray or go for walks in the vicinity. For more information look at the daily schedule for guests.

To arrange a stay, contact the guest master: click here. Female guests cannot be received because the rooms are all in the monastic enclosure.