The abbey church, the crypt and the atrium or entrance hall are open to all visitors, for taking part in liturgical services, for quiet personal prayer, or in order to view the architecture. Or perhaps you wold like to light a candle at the Icon of the Virgin Mary in the crypt? It is not possible to visit other parts of the abbey.

At the porter's desk at the entrance it is also possible to buy various things, such as holy pictures and rosaries. You can obtain information about the Abbey there, CDs with Gregorian chant or plainsong and books on various topics, for example, on the Liturgy of the Hours, the Rule of St Benedict, and indeed on the architecture of the Abbey.

During your visit we ask you to respect the nature of this building: the abbey is a place for prayer and recollection. Have respect for the silence and treat the crypt and the church as God's house. You may take photos, but not during the services, and certainly not of monks or other visitors, unless you have their permission. Thank you for following these guidelines.